Picnic Days and Holidays…..

We are going on our holidays…Yippee! Well not for ages yet, but we are all very excited.

This will be our first family holiday, since before I was pregnant with my youngest, so over three years. Boy we feel like we need it!!!

After much deliberation (sorry best friend Claire, she’s a travel agent!) We decided we would like to go to Devon.

WELL…..Its booked, a gorgeous thatched roof cottage, that quite frankly I would move into in a heartbeat. It has broadband, so Tall Dad is very happy! A dishwasher and washing machine, so I am! That sounds a bit strange, but what I mean to say is, I just want everything to be as easy as possible, so we’ve lots of time to enjoy ourselves!

It’s around 10 miles from the coast, and is set in beautiful countryside. It has all the mod-cons, and promises to help us have a holiday to remember.

We went over budget on this holiday, eek!! By a considerable amount. So are looking to (once we are there) be a little bit frugle…but not so the girls will notice!

This is going to mean that we will be spending (weather permitting) lots of time in the great outdoors and on the beach. So please, please be nice to us weather!

When Tall Dad and I got engaged we were given one of those old-fashioned picnic hampers (blows dust off) with really lovely crockery and cutlery. I am determined that this year it is going to get lots of use!
I am dreaming I know, but I am imagining lazy picnics, full to the brim (it that us or the basket) with local delicacies… so you see we are sorted for a hamper.

The only thing we really needed was a picnic blanket

I hunted high and low for just the right one….I found some really lovely ones, but either they were REALLY expensive or not suitable. I had to keep in mind I have a toddler (Miss A) and even my 8-year-old (Miss N) is known for missing her mouth 😉

I did a search on Cath Kidston – I am a fan of the site, really easier to navigate and has some fabulous products. In fact whilst I was there I fell in love with this dress  .

I was surprised to find what was described as waterproof camping rug, in cowboy fabric perfect! see here for all the details of price and ordering. It can be used inside the Cowboy Tepee Tent as a ground sheet too.

It was described as follows

This waterproof camping rug is your best friend in the battle with the British weather! Great for putting down on damp grass so you can enjoy your picnic and still stay dry, the cheerful cowboy print also matches our tee pee tent and will set you up dealing with the great outdoors

It arrived within a couple of days, beautifully wrapped in biodegradable material…If you follow the directions on the wrapping, and cut along the line, you actually end up with two bags that you could either use to return, or to pack something else up to post! I was really impressed with this attention to detail.

Biodegradable Packaging

The rug was wrapped in an outer bag with toggle, so ideal I thought for picnics.

Outer Bag

I unwrapped it and it was quickly sat on by my youngest, who loved looking at the cowboy fabric! I think it was described perfectly, as it’s not a ‘rug’ as such, it’s not made of wool so tricky to keep clean, but is waterproof material, that would be ideal for using on the beach or wet grass.

Rug Laid Out

Over all we would give 5/5 in the anamumdiary household, as we thought it was ideal as a rug for a picnic, especially for wet grass or damp sand. Great value for money and a fab design.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  All my views in this blog are my own, and I paid for the product myself.

anamumdiary x

In Use By Miss A Already

In Use By Miss A Already

10 thoughts on “Picnic Days and Holidays…..

  1. Oh I can so relate to this! Thank you for posting the links, I haven’t been on the Cath Kidston website for a while, I feel a purchase coming on! 😉 Have a great holiday when you do go, we have booked the Isle of Wight for Oct, can’t wait! x

      • I’m @Brady_Bird Started following you when you won the smeg fridge! I have a cream one & love it! Am just about to order the Patsy dress from the CK website! Thank you x

  2. Love the picnic basket! I am very envious. A lovely review of a fabulous product. I hope you have lots of lazy picnics in the sun with it! By the way, I think your banner picture is really, really something special. You all look so happy together, great to see. xxx

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