White Rabbit Teahouse


Not that I am…ahem…addicted to rabbits, but they do seem to keep coming up in my life recently, HERE for example.

So when my friend Claire suggested I go to a new tea room that she had found, the next time I went shopping in Nottingham, she also mentioned a large white rabbit outside…I couldn’t resist!

White Rabbit Teahouse, is on Hounds Gate (near the main M&S) in Nottingham town centre.

Can you see the rabbit?

I was out shopping with my Mum, so technically I had been working hard, even if it was spending Tall Dad’s well-earned pennies. 😉

The White Rabbit Teahouse is one of those traditional tea houses, without any of the pomp and ceremony, it has a vibrant and friendly air.

It is delicate and vintage and just a little chintzy…perfect!

We decided to both go for the Free Range Egg Mayonnaise sandwiches on brown bread and a pot of tea for two, followed by cake. The service was fantastic, and host very helpful.

Everything was incredible tasty and fresh. I would highly recommend it as a resting place for a light lunch, or a ‘tea stop’ whilst shopping.

I thought the menu had just enough variety, plenty of vegetarian options too. It had a lots of different tea’s available as well as different styles of coffee. There was a specials board, updated daily with two variations to the menu. They also have a breakfast menu.

Even the salt and pepper pot was gorgeous!

You can hire the White Rabbit out for an intimate (18-20) private function or party (outside of opening hours) and they also provide outside catering. How cool would it be to host a Mad Hatters tea party here?

They also have a ‘Donate to the Teahouse’ idea which I love. You can send any unneeded teapots and teacups to them, and they promise to use them with love!

If you live in the area, or are visiting I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit The White Rabbit Teahouse, truly scrumptious!

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I’m Moving!

Well, I’m moving blogs anyway!

Here is the address:


I’ve decided to take the plunge into being self hosted. Its been a nightmare an interesting experience so far, but I’d love it if I could have a few friendly faces to come join me over on the new site!

It’s going to look pretty much the same to you, apart from the updated photo’s at the header, but its going to be a lot easier for me to manage (hopefully) in the back room.

So come and subscribe again please.  You can find the subscribe button on the top right hand side of the NEW blog! Please note, if you try and do this on an IPad or IPhone you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and the SUBSCRIBE HERE button will be found underneath the last post!

I will be launching with a couple of fab competitions, in the next week, just to say thank you to you all!

Thank you again for reading the old Ana Mum Diary, and welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED!

The Gallery : EYES

This is the first time I have joined in on the gallery, so please forgive me, if this is way off centre.

So here we have it, my take on the theme, eyes!

(Amanda @gidders1)


(Tall Dad)


My adorable girls, Miss N (aged 9) and Miss A (aged 2 1/2)

This is my favourite photograph I have ever taken of my girls really . I only took it two weeks ago, as part of my 365 project. I love lots of things about it, the closeness, and that it will always remind me of them reading together. However, most of all I love their eyes.

Bright and full of life, Miss N with her green/blue eyes, they are all knowing and intelligent. They show when she is hurt so very easily, and reflect her huge capacity to love.

Miss A’s, my little minx! She has big beautiful blue eyes with a mischievous glint, and a strong spirit. One look and she’ll wrap you around her little finger.

So there you have it, some of the most important eyes in the world, my girls. (Disclaimer: to me ;))

Lenny Kravitz-Little Girls Eyes

If you would like to learn more about The Gallery, then please click this picture link.

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Having Messy Baking Fun

At The Ana Mum Diary, we bake regularly. When we bake together we can’t help but make a mess. In fact I think I am the worst!

I couldn’t resist posting a couple of messy baking fun photographs, when the lovely Becky from BabyBudgeting asked for some. So here is my entry to Appliances Online Messy Kids Cooking competition!

Miss A and I attend a cookery class every week, that always messy fun!

Miss A at Kiddicooks, last week (surrounded by rhubarb crumble crumbs)

Sorry Kiddicooks!

After a cookery session, why does she always get it on her nose!


I love this one…still with flour on her nose and chin!

Cooking at Grandma’s


I told you she always got it on her nose! This was when Miss A was supposed to be icing the cakes!!

Chocolate Flapjacks

I wasn’t eating the chocolate NO really, not me!

And finally…what baking session would be complete until you lick your fingers afterwards:

Or the spoon

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Magpie Monday : Vintage Chic?

What we all find attractive or chic when we are visiting thrift stores and charity shops is very subjective. I think my taste had definitely changed over the years. I try to remember when I am having a clear out to give away to charity….

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’

My taste though now is for anything handmade and pretty, I love kitsch, 60’s and 70’s designs and bone china. I tend to go for these over all others.

My latest offering for Magpie Monday, is something I have wanted for a very long time.  You know that feeling when you see it on a crowded shelf just sitting there waiting for you!

I had Miss A with me (in her pushchair) and there were so many people looking in the shop, I’m not ashamed to say, I had to elbow my way in!

They were a bit dirty, and the wood was desperate to be ‘fed’ but I knew with a little TLC I would have something that would make me smile every time I saw it!

Here they are when I first got them home, I paid around £4 for all three.

Three Wooden (possibly teak) Antelope dating from the 1960’s or 70’s

I hope you can see how mucky they looked!

I polished them up with my can of trusty Wood Silk

If you not used this before, it is a must buy, to polish wood with.  I use it for all wood every now and then, and especially if it needs rescuing. Here they are once they had been cleaned up:

The came up beautifully. Though I can’t decide yet where to put them, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with them!

My three antelope, a design classic? Or would you relegate them to the charity box?

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Me and My Shadow

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Week #2 of my 366 project

I’ve really enjoyed this week of the project. I really wanted to try to vary the shots a lot more and to try to push myself with the editing. I’m hoping that I can continue to do this. However in the back of my mind I want to make sure I have lots of family photographs, and portraits so please stay with me!

Day #8 In a Spin

**This Weeks Favourite**

Miss N, had just had a bath and was spinning around, so I tried to capture it, before she went dizzy.
I like this one, as you can see her profile, but her hair is in full swing.

Day#9 By the Light of the Silvery Moon

It had to be this shot of the moon today. My eldest has just started the topic of Space.
And the moon looks so good, not exactly silvery…but beautiful tonight!

Day #10 The Kiss

This is an experiment with my new camera. It’s a multi-shot 16 setting. I’ve also played around with the colours, adding a pink tint to the image in B&W.
This is me and Miss A, so a kinda self-portrait!

Day #11 Baking with Chef A

We baked cakes and made flapjacks today.
My Mum, Grandma G came. It really was so funny as Chef Miss A, ate more cake mixture than she put in the cases, declaring it yummy!

Day #12 Drying Pasta Flowers

Whilst I was on a walk I came across a large tree with these long flowers on it. I didn’t have any other foliage but this. It looks yellow, verging to a pale acid green colour, at the top is a red flower. I’m not sure what the tree/plant is called, but had to photograph it. It reminded me of long strands of pasta drying out in the wind.

If anyone has any idea what it’s called I’d be really grateful.

Day #13 Dinosaur

I took this today when my brother-in-law came to visit. Miss A was showing her Uncle a dinosaur, and giggling, so managed to take this mid laugh. Not great focus, but it reflected today perfectly.

Day #14 Frosty Morning

It’s a beautiful morning in Nottingham today, the sun is shining but it is very cold! Before the frost has melted, I managed to capture this rose…a lonely specimen in the garden. I love the ice crystals on it.
I shot it in macro mode…but I’m not sure about the focus, hope I’ve done it justice. Happy weekend!

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TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


I have had a lovely day today. A bustling day, where the house has been full of life and laughter. It’s really has got me thinking about friendship.

My friend Chez, has been my pal for over 17 years. We began as work colleagues, to drinking buddies, and have developed to be Mum’s who though don’t see one another often, feel the need to connect with one another, to share our stories with.

She came over to our house for the day. We had lunch and talked about what was happening in each of our lives, as well as coffee, cake and laughter.

My friend sat and read books and sung songs with Miss A…. lots of books actually, sorry Chez!

Chez and I, I feel will always be friends. We see one another maybe only three or four times a year. It feels easy. We just slip right back to where we left off. But not all friendships are the same are they? Some need constant nurturing and attention others fit like an old shoe.

In fact, if it wasn’t for this great friend of mine. I might never have met Tall Dad, she set us up on a blind date 14 years ago!

I am lucky enough to have good friends who I love and trust. I think sometimes I take that ease for granted.

I wonder, as we wander through life and we make different kinds of friends, whether they are a reflection of ourselves at that point in time.

Let me try to explain.

We make soul mates…no not of the romantic kind, but friends that will always be there. Do we make them when we are at our neediest, or when we are at our most settled?

We make social friends, ones that we go out with and have fun with…but never develops any further than that. Is that when we are feeling at out most frivolous in our lives, when we feel we are young and invincible?

Confidants…the friends we share our inner most thoughts and secrets to, and we would trust with our lives. This is where I’m beginning to get unstuck with my theorizing. Maybe it’s not the stage of life that we make these friends but actually a mutual attraction if you will. A meeting of minds…..perhaps each of our personalities together in this friendship, bond and dictate the kind of relationship we will always have?

Whatever the reason is, I am very fortunate to have the friends that I have….and would like to say thank you, and I promise not to take you for granted!

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Father and Daughter Time

The time has come, can you believe it? At last the London 2012 Olympics is finally here…well later this year anyway, but this year!

The excitement is mounting at The Ana Mum Diary house, and it’s almost at fever pitch with all the arrangements.

Now you see, I’m not actually going, our youngest being only 2. We thought she would be too young to appreciate it, so I shall stay home with her.

However Tall Dad and Miss N (9) are going to have a father and daughter weekend together, they are both so excited!

The plans so far are that they, are going to stay over in a hotel, do a spot of shopping, and take in a show in the West End. I believe Shrek is the favourite at the moment. Culminating in going to watch Volleyball at Earls Court. This was one of the sports that Miss N requested that she would love to see. So she was thrilled when we managed to get tickets to see it.

Am I jealous? Well a little! I do think that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympics in your own country. However, I also think that this will be such an amazing thing for Tall Dad and Miss N to do together. The planning alone has been so exciting for them. I can’t imagine what they are going to be like once they actually go!

The atmosphere, even the Mexican waves, you can’t help but get wrapped up in the emotions of it all. What a fabulous way to lift the spirits of the country!

There is even going to huge screens in something called London Live, in places like Trafalgar Square, Victoria and Hyde Park where you can catch all the sporting action for free!

Miss A has not been left out though, she already has her very own mascot, a Wenlock that she sleeps with at night, so everyone’s happy!

This is a sponsored post. The second image is of an official Olympic Volleyball badge.

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Week 1 of my 366 project

This week, I have been busily taking photographs all week and then posting them one a day on my Project 365 page you can see that HERE. So here are the results of all that work. I’ve had such fun taking them!


It felt only right that my 1st photograph would be of my girls Miss N and Miss A. Taken today when they were sat together chatting and playing on Miss N’s net book.

Sounds idyllic, and sometimes that feels rare. The age difference shows itself far too often, and that really makes me sad. However they are both gorgeous and kind girls who love one another so I am sure this will get better. Today has been a good day, they have been as thick as thieves, enjoying a new game which I think is loosely based on Tangled.

Miss N (9) made a good girl wall chart for Miss A (2) with stickers for each day that she is a good girl. I have been giggling to myself as I have watched Miss A sneak into the kitchen to keep adding more stickers!


Today has been a day of taking stock and reflections, so this is my second entry into the 366 photography project. Taken when we went to feed the birds on the canal.

Its also been one of DIY, shopping and meeting up with family, but I’ve not captured that ;)

#3 SISTERS *This is my favourite image, this week*

Today has been a strange day. We thought it was Miss N’s first day back to school, we got ready and headed off bright and early. However the Parentmail letter, we were sent had the wrong date on it!
So we’ve tried to make the most of the last day off school to chill together and read. Its torrential rain, so we can’t go out really!
This is not staged at all Miss A just seemed to want to cuddle her sister whilst reading.


Today has been really successful work wise and home, and I have got lots done, and have a few different projects ahead.
In keeping with this my photograph was taken today, when some hard work was being done in the garden.
I love the contrast in colours, and the grass against the machinery.


A new book arrived today, so when I got the chance I grabbed a cuppa and had a browse through.


I’ve had a really lovely day today, taken lots of photographs, done some shopping and eaten cake. Thanks Mum!
I wore my new shoes…well boots really, so have decided to go with this one.


This is a photograph of Miss A and Grandma G. I love it, I think its one of my favourites of them together. It was lovely in colour, but I think it has more impact in B&W. For the record, no animals were harmed in taking this photograph, its fake fur!

I love that if I hadn’t been doing this project I might never have captured half of these images, so I am so determined to complete it.

Exciting times, and I hope you like my first week of 366 photographs ….here’s to the next 51 ;)

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